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Lallier Auto Credit is the perfect place to get the auto financing you are looking for, for your next vehicle. At Lallier Auto Credit, we have helped thousands of consumers in the Montreal, North Shore and Gatineau regions find the auto financing they need, regardless of their budget.

At Lallier Auto Credit, you'll discover a host of financing options for all of our Honda, Kia and other pre-owned models in stock. Nothing is left to chance at Lallier Auto Crédit and our experts know how to find the right financing for you.

Flexible and Affordable Financing

At Lallier Auto Credit, we take the time to listen to you and understand your needs. We have years of experience in auto financing and we know how to find the right solutions for our clients.

Come meet us in person or use our online financing form today. We will take care of you quickly and you will really feel like you are an important client for the Lallier Group.

We offer flexible financing terms and attractive interest rates on several models in stock. At Lallier Auto Credit, financing is made easy and the customer experience is always our team’s top priority.

Second and Third Chance Credit Financing

If you have experienced some financial difficulties but need a vehicle, Lallier Auto Credit can help you. We have a host of second and third chance finance solutions to offer you.

We will explain in detail each financing option available to enable you to make the best choice. Our goal at Lallier Auto Credit is not only to help you get the best possible financing for your vehicle but also to help you get your credit back on track by finding the right financing solution for your budget.

We look forward to meeting you today.